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Over 70% of small businesses still don’t have websites… is your business among?

Do you dismiss the need for a WEBSITE and ONLINE MARKETING because:

You don’t understand it and how it could help your business?

It seems too expensive, complicated, time-consuming, etc?

You are doing just fine without it or you have never needed one before?

But consider these:
The internet has made the world a different place in the last 10 to 15 years: Smartphones, and tablets, are becoming part of people’s life. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, webfid etc. are now where people spend most of their time.

Deadly Deception
The benefits of these changes are easy to miss if you’re busy running a business and most of your customers are repeat customers or referrals, but this is a deadly deception.

Just because things seem ok now doesn’t mean everything is fine. Ignoring the change of environment and situations that surround a business has led many businesses to die off, when they don’t see the need to change when situation or environment changes.

Let Face the Fact
To sustain and grow a business in this ever changing, and tech/digital world, the business has to move to where the world goes!

What the Real Problem is
If you feel that your business don’t need a website, the reason might be one of these

1. Lack of education- Not understanding:

How a website helps a business,

How a website helps customers, or

The long-term negative impact of not having a website.

2. Not easy/affordable enough:

Getting and maintaining a website (still) isn’t fast, easy, or affordable enough for most small businesses to feel comfortable.

The good news:

i. You will sustain and grow your business if you move to where the world goes, where people hangs.

ii. Your Business can now have a fully built, zero cost, zero effort website. With the help of webfid.com


Webfid and Webfid professionals are the answer to make having a website for your business possible and easier!

Webfid will designs, build and launched your professional website at NO COST

We’ll provide you with free sub-domain and hosting(www. yourcompany. webfid.com)

We provide timely support

And guaranteed No downtime(you will always be online NO ANNUAL RENEWAL FEE)

Your website for life!

We’ll list your business on our online directory FREE OF CHARGE

You’ll enjoy FREE SUBMISSION to online search engines e.g Google, Yahoo.

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